Ready to Join Our Club?

Ready to Join Our Club?

Learn more about our membership packages

If you want to hit well-maintained trails with friends, you'll want to join the Limestone Snowhawks in Limestone, ME. Our membership fees go to maintaining trails and covering expenses like gas. As a member of our snowmobile club, you can participate in club events, hit the trails without worry and help support trail maintenance initiatives.

Call 207-498-0642 today if you have any questions about our membership packages.

Offering a membership package that works for you

Whether you're an individual that wants to hit the trails, or you want to get a membership for your entire family, we've got the package for you. We offer three different membership packages:

1. Individual members: $25

2. Families: $30

3. Businesses: $35

We also offer a reduced rate of $15 if you already belong to another club. These fees don't go into anyone's pockets - we put all money towards covering club expenses and maintaining trails. Email us now if you're interested in our membership packages.